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About us

Welcome to Spark Sense and Play, a sanctuary for creativity, learning, and unbridled joy, situated in the heart of Doha Festival City, Qatar. As a Qatar-born concept, this unique space was established in 2020 by an enthusiastic team whose vision is to inspire every young mind. At Spark Sense and Play, imaginations take flight, dreams transform into reality, and children uncover their boundless potential.

We believe every child deserves a haven where they can investigate, educate, and engage in a carefully crafted environment that awakens their senses and nourishes their inquisitiveness. Recognizing the vital influence that early experiences contribute to a child’s growth, our founder embarked on a mission to cultivate a place where children can fuel their creativity, forge enduring memories, and reveal their untapped potential.

Beyond our vibrant playground, Spark Sense and Play offers a rich array of workshops that ignite the creative spark and encourage well-rounded development. Guided by our dedicated team of passionate instructors, children are immersed in art, music, drama, and tactile activities. These engaging experiences inspire self-expression, foster critical thinking, and instill a lifelong appreciation for learning.

Our Mission

To ignite the spark of creativity, foster holistic development, and create a world where children can explore, learn, and play. With our dedication in providing a dynamic and stimulating environment that will inspires young minds, nurtures their potential, and supports their growth.

Our Team

We have assembled a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to creating a nurturing and inspiring environment for children.

Each member of our team brings unique skills, expertise, and a shared love for igniting the spark of creativity in young minds.

If you possess unique talents and have the desire to join our team, we invite you to share your CV with us at Spark sense and play and embark on an exciting journey together.


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